Individual workshops are organized for those participants who want to invest in themselves and their personal development.
                   You are applying for an individual workshop via e-mail:

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    Upon your application you will be invited to one of the possible terms for an individual immediate healer meeting devoted to you.


     If the environment does not understand you, no one wants to listen to you, you are constantly in a subordinate position, you never point out and you have a sincere desire to change it, this workshop will open the golden door of the immense possibilities of your energy and spiritual being. Here you will find and discover all the personal qualities you have not been aware of so far.
  Your inner worlds are part of the infinite universe and pervade throughout the earthly life. The control of inner worlds with the help of Angela's power will give you the life you deserve.
  By pouring into your inner streams you will purify your being if it is filled with a deeply rooted negative and because of your depths you are not even aware of it.
  Driven by special meditation you heal the deepest reasons for your existence. The angel power will enlighten you and strongly shake your inner being, and the knowledge of yourself will give you the inner peace that you are so longing for.
                                 Registration to e-mail:
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    After the registration you will be told the place and the time of this individual workshop.


 A consciousness workshop is intended for those with the awareness of obstacles to come into contact with their angel. What does that mean? This means that there are people who are unable to associate with their angel because they have their so-called soul. '' Bad Advisor '' that prevents the expression of your inner voice. That '' adviser that '' has' acquired '' is by doing something bad during your life. That may be some of the past lives.
 By the method of separating consciousness by the power of Angels, we can achieve that everything that is bad in man, such as suspicion, egocentricity, bad behavior, the pain of others, etc., is separated along with the consciousness that ascends during the meditation and comes into contact with the Angels.
    The purified consciousness of the forces of Angels relieves man to turn to a positive and creative life by automatically rejecting evil from him in all life situations.
   Applications for such a workshop are also available at the following e-mail:
             http: //
   You will get the place and time of the workshop after signing up.

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Welcome to the unique voyage into the magical world of Angels that will open the door to your soul and enlightening the path that leads to liberation of your own energy being.

On that journey you will experience the enlightening of the spirit and body united as one in the perfect harmony of your uniqueness. That cognition will lead you to your Angel.

It’s the Angel voice you’ll be heard finally when you open your heart and your mind.

We wish to invite you to start your journey here with us, just feel free to let go and let the Angel’s voice lead you on!  


Our Angels are talking to us during life time sending love, positive energy, happiness. They encourage us, help us, give us strength and they follow us on our journey of  life. We experience their voice through such messages that we recognize as life time opportunities and chances that are tracking us, those good and nice things that are mile our soul and make us feel contented and filled with joy. Angels are our inner voice that keep directing us on a right way  the one that is lighten with brightness to follow what we really want from life success, feeling of belonging and make our dreams become a reality. Our Angels are our spiritual ally’s they are our straight and counterbalance of the dark side our positive energy that sits on the shoulder our shield from evil.

Healings on Wednesday evenings are for us, and through them we want to get closer to our Angel even more with our hearts wide open. By the meditation we are reaching a spiritual high level which aloud us to be able to get in touch with our Angel, calling him with a prayer and thank him from the bottom of our soul for being here with us always.

Angels speeks through us, reaching to our soul and heart. Your Angel is like a reflection in a mirror that it can be recognize as a spiritual mildness and it can be seen in the person’s own spirit if you look closer. Spirit of an Angel shines with it’s eternal light. Let us say a prayer to Angels, let them hear our call. Always remember to be a  pure heart, open minded and spiritually rich so we can be embrace by the power of Angel. 


 For all healing inquiries, please feel free to contact us through our contact form. After receiving your message, we will notify you as soon as possible.